Great Reasons To Celebrate Fathers’ Day

Fathers are an important family figure. They influence the activities and the behavior of their kids especially boys since they spend much time trying to do what their fathers are doing. Fathers therefore act as role models for their kids. Most people talk of children’s day, mother’s day, but the fathers have more important roles to play in a family as well, that need to be acknowledged. For the acknowledgement and appreciation, different parts of the world have created their special day for fathers’ day celebrations. Fathers create examples that their children can follow through the kind of relationships they establish with their children. 

Most importantly, a father’s role in the family is to provide. Provision in this category refers to many entities, such as acting as a breadwinner, offering discipline and nurture their families. Hence a family with a lazy father most of the time finds itself in disgrace and moreover, the whole family loses respect for them. Families with hardworking fathers live better lives and their kids respect them more. When the father is working, he also teaches their kids on importance of working, however, when they express laziness, it will be not surprising when one or two kids following the same trend. For this reason, during the great dads’ day, it is important that the family members show appreciation and acknowledgement for making sacrifices to sustain the family. Selecting presents and events for dads should be done with great care bearing in mind the long lasting impression that will be built in their mind about their families.

A father’s role is to be loyal to the mother of his children and show kindness and love to her. This is the same for their family as well, that is why they are always willing to do anything provided that their families are going to stay out of problems and hardships.

They have the role of showing respect to every other family member on which everyone else will replicate the same respect to them. As much as it is said that children are to obey their parents, it is also the responsibility of the parents to show some respect to their children especially when they have grown up to be responsible adults. This does not however mean that they should not show some respect for their kids whom they are living with under the same roof.

It is the role of a father to offer protection and security to their families. They ensure that the home is well protected against all forms of attacks such as robbery or burglary as well as insured against disasters such as fire outbreaks. Father’s responsibilities in making sure that the family is safe is what has kept families integrated. This creates a big reason for families to treasure fathers’ day events for dads to show them appreciation and love for the great care and responsibility they are entitled to.

Some events that can used to enjoy the great day for dads include attending a cars racing event, fishing, enjoying family barbeques among many others.

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